[Feature Request] Show Git Branch on Projects page

It would be really nice for users like us, who may have several workspaces, to see the git branch on the Projects page, if applicable.

This would be relatively easy to find, just walk upwards from the project folder looking for a .git folder.

If you find one then run

git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
to get the branch name

I would also appreciate this feature. We work on large projects and switching branches in the same folder often leads to long reimport times, so I often clone the same project into different locations. Showing the git branch for each one would definitely speed up figuring out which folder is which branch.

Thank you so much for the feature request, I’ve gone ahead and documented the details and shared it with the team.


Indeed, it would be great to have that feature. Currently got 5 or 6 copies of same project from same repository, each on different branch and it will safe a lot of time to check branch name inside unity hub instead of mapping project name with branch on git. Any info if it will be planned for future version of UnityHub?

Yes, this feature would be very nice to have

Plus one

Plus one, is there any progress on this feature?