Featured Projects for Unite: Due September 21

Hi Everyone, now that you’ve had some time to use Sentis in your project(s), we want to learn more about your use cases to ensure it is working well for you. We are also looking for some exceptional projects that could help tell the story of Sentis at Unite on November 15.

If you are at a good point to share your project even if is still just a prototype or concept, please DM (@Bill_Cullen), and book a time to discuss it with us. Don’t worry, your project information will not be shared outside of Unity without your consent.

Thanks and we are excited to hear from you!
-The Unity Sentis Team

p.s. paste the below as a template for your DM to ensure I have the right info to understand your project:

  • What’s the name of your project?
  • What problem are you solving, or what type end-user experience are you building?
  • What AI model are you using and how big is it (mb or gb)? How does it solve the problem?
  • What is novel about your project?
  • Are there any features missing in Sentis that are blocking you?
  • IMPORTANT: Share a 1-2minute narrated video demonstration your project that includes the above information (and if helpful, share project files, git repo etc.)

@Sentis-closed-beta-users we updated the project review deadlines here … please take a look. We have already received a ton of incredible projects and we can’t wait to see more!


@Sentis-closed-beta-users We made a final update to the deadline for Unite project reviews. The last day was going to be tomorrow September 14, but we heard from a lot of you that you need 1 more week to provide a narrated overview video of your experience, which is really what we need to review it. So the new deadline is the end of day, next Thursday, September 21.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing work! We look forward to sharing some of these projects on the stage at Unite. For any demos that are not shared at Unite, we will do a longer Sentis project showcase in an upcoming webinar closer to the public launch to share all of the demos that were submitted, assuming we have your approval :zipper_mouth_face: