Features not to be found in unity android platform

i am using pc platform to develop game with complete prefab trees, grasses, with buttons ,progress bars,text etc… when i converted or transferred it to android platform and build it coz i wanted it to be played on tablets…some of the trees and plants were missing. the fonts were also changed… can anyone explain what happened to my situation??

regarding the scripts, i figured out how to change my onmouse functions to touch functions in javascripts…i might be able to handle the scripts… my problems are just the trees and others…

can anyone explain?? PLEASE :frowning:

Are you using Unity’s trees, this may be the problem causing it to disappear. Also make sure to keep the draw calls in check and combine static meshes as much as possible.
Check out the [Unity Mobile Optimisations][1]
[1]: http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/MobileOptimisation.html
. I’m sure you’ll sort out your problem after going through it

@jorjdboss has a point here…if you are having too much draw calls…then it will become the main reason for crashing the app… or causing weird behave of app…So, first of all in unity’s game window click on stats and check how many draw calls are there… I guess for android it should be around 100 is good…so if you are going more then it… go for the optimizations of draw calls…link is provided by @jorjdboss so i am not posting it again…cheers enjoy…Don’t forget to mark if helped…