(Feedback) Default scrolling speed in ScrollView is too slow

This is a big issue in many new Unity games where they are too lazy to change scrolling speed of scrollable UI elements. While they can fix it, you can also change the defaults to be reasonable in the core Unity engine. You are left with option to only drag from the vertical scrollbar, but developers in all their smartness make it thin and barely clickable. They also tend to fade its colors so you can barely even see it.

Affected major games: Stellaris, TimberBorn (although it's still alpha it could change), i think Empyrion was also affected and likely many more.

Steps to reproduce:
- Make new scene and add a new GameObject -> UI -> Canvas.
- Add GameObject -> UI -> ScrollView.
(That's the basics, add something more now just to see that you are scrolling)
- Add GameObject -> UI -> Button, and set it as a child element to Canvas->Scroll View->Viewport->Content.
- You can copy the button and move it down so it expands the content area downwards...
- Add another button inbetween the 2.

The testing:
- Move cursor to content boundary and scroll mousewheel with 1 small tap (you may hear a feint click from your scrollwheel).

Results: Content moves 1 pixel down (tiny fraction of a button height).

Expected outcome: Content moves roughly 1-1.5 button height down.

What i see is that Scroll View->Scroll Sensitivity is 1. I tested 40 to be reasonable value (but obviously not best value for all scenarios, sometimes higher will be better, sometimes lower).

Edit: Alternatively solution was proposed here:
Which also sounds like a value that should be higher by default if it could indeed make as big scroll with just a sensitivity of 1.

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yeah, I have all my prefabs always at sensivity 60 (or 100?) and drop them in instead of creating them from scratch