Feedback on load & save "system" & how to make a "global"(?) script?

I'm looking for some feedback or perhaps a few tips on what you think could be good or bad with that save method?

So I'm making a RPG-game and there will be 5 playable characters (warrior, berserk, Archer, Mage and Shaman), I'm thinking of adding them all in a list from a "load"-menu, when selecting a character (eg. berserk) if no progress or name has been saved to the characters a new save (xml-ish?) file will be created for it with start stat points and skill points information etc. and the "World1" level will load and insert a playerBerserk gameObject at the starting point of the game. If however, a save file can be found (berserk_prog.xml for example) it should add berserk_gameObject in the city of the world the player last visited and then load the data stored in berserk_prog.xml.

Do you think this is a good method to use? And also since I'm not too familiar with javascript I wonder how to make a script stay active from the menu-level over to the World1 level to give information on what character the player has chosen. (So the World can spawn the correct player_character in-game.)

Why don't you hold all the values in a SQL database. That way you just have to run a check on the back-end. SQL or even an excel sheet would probably be easier to access.

Or you can use Streamwriter/Streamreader it comes standard if you using System.IO

If you go the second route though you'd have more to configure, but you could get a lot more versatility out of it.