Feet placeing wrong with Loop Pose turned on (Quadruped animations)

I am doing a pass to touch up animation and have been running into an issue with the foot placement.

Front right paw clipping into the ground when it’s perfectly flat in the raw animation

On the left is the imported animation in unity, on the right the raw the same frame from Maya. The front right paw is hovering above the ground plane and the back right is pushing straight through the ground.

I tried turning animation compression and/or resampling curves off and adjusting settings but the error is the same. The only setting that fixed the issue is turning “Loop pose” off, but I need that to keep the root motion loop smooth in-game so I’m not sure if there is any way around using it.

I am considering counter animating if I can find no other solution but want to be sure I am out of options before doing something so messy. I know using generic rigs for quadrupeds may be the source of the issue as I don’t have native foot IK. And I am using Final Ik’s quadruped grounder but even that is confused by the wonky animation and penetrates the ground anyway.

I am currently running on unity 2018.4 and if this is fixed in a more recent version I can wait to when I upgrade the game. Anyone with any insights on this would be much appreciated!

Updating this topic after I found the issue. By exporting each cycle animation into their own fbx file without any other keys the interpolation issues were fixed.