Fetching Objects that belongs to other script, with name or tag

Hi. I believe my question should have been asked before but somehow I can not find the answer after a good amount of research. What I want to do is to get a specific object by its name (or tag) that belongs to another script/object.

GameObject go = GameObject.Find("SomeGuy");

This doesnt work since the object named “SomeGuy” is located in some other object.
I tried

go = GameObject.FindWithTag("myTag").GetComponent(OtherScript) as OtherScript;

This gives error.

go = FindObjectOfType(typeof(OtherScript)) as OtherScript;

This brings any object belongs to that class / script

However I am looking for a specific object with a name or a tag. What is the best way to accomplish what I want. Thank you.

Dont know if its OK to answer my own question like this but heres the answer:

go = GameObject.Find("myName").GetComponent(typeof(OtherScript)) as OtherScript;