Few simple questions

Hello, I am just getting started with Unity, so please assume I know NOTHING. My friend who was going to teach me the basics ran off, sorry for bringing simple questions here. Anyway, here it is:

  1. Is there any way to use a script from a language like Python 2?

  2. While scripting, how do I reference an object or class? (Say, I want to modify, delete, or create an instance)

  3. How do I have a script run on creation of an object? On start of simulation?

  4. How do I texture all faces of a cube differently?

  5. Field of view for camera only adjusts Y, how can I make it adjust X as well?

Thanks in advance.

Normally you should only ask one question at a time. If you have multiple questions post them as seperate questions. Anyway:

  1. Almost nobody uses Phyton / boo to script in Unity (including myself). There are a few people around that use Phyton or boo but i don’t know anything about Phyton. Boo has a similar syntax like Phyton but it’s not Phyton.
  2. You should really learn the basics and you should start reading the Unity Manual.
  3. the scripting reference is your friend: MonoBehaviour.Start
  4. Model your own cube in a 3D modelling tool like 3dsmax or blender and unwrap the cube the way you need it.
  5. The fov is specified as the angle in y-direction but it also affects the x-direction due to the aspect ratio of your screen / viewport