Field Hockey Sports Game - Early Development

Hello Everyone,

I am in the process of attempting to create a sports action game for Field Hockey - and after a couple of attempts of using textures on a single plane (which always look pix-elated regardless of the size of the texture) I wondered whether given the need for precise physics and rules (such as you can only score in the semi-circle/D) perhaps I should create the pitch using objects and then slice through them horizontally to give the lines etc, which would mean I could then texture the lines with one texture, the playing surface, the outlines/off field with others rather than doing the entire pitch as a single texture?

If neither of these approaches is the best one I am more than willing to be guided in the correct direction if someone with the know how is willing to share their experience with me.


To further explain what I would like to achieve - here is a shot of a pitch I would love to replicate (it is 5-6 years old and was created for a Counter Strike Source map).

But as you can see from this sandbox video - the quality certainly of the penalty spot is not working using a single texture for the entire playing surface?

I would try using decals. You’d set up the pitch as a massive quad with a grass texture tiled on it, and then apply all the lines and marking as decals, either using a decal system from the asset store, or just setting up extra polygons that ‘float above’ the pitch surface (or use a shader with Offset values set up).

Thanks for the reply superpig!

Would I still be able to apply rules to the decals aren't they just graphical elements without a "physical property"?
I have managed to use another version of the pitch, which you can see in this video:

I cannot claim I made it - to get the texture as realistic looking as possible should I actually take a picture of the real thing and turn it into a texture? Its an artificial playing surface/all weather pitch as apposed to grass.

I have my goalkeeper models imported into my stadium and using a basic animation I have them running and sliding. At the moment the slide in mid air and then drop once the stand-up. I assume this is to do with the collider not adjusting when the player is horizontal? Is that correct and if so what is the best approach to fix this?