Fighting Game 60fps?

Hello Unity3D.I have a question to ask about 60 frames per second?How can i make it that when i start my round my fighting game plays 60fps?Is there a code to do so or like a something i got to do with my animations?Or is it both?If anyone knows how i can do this?Can you please tell me how?(I can’t find how to do it for some reason.)

Use Time.timescale = yourSpeed;

This will work if you respect the good practices: all your movement should depend on Time.deltaTime

use Application.targetFrameRate = 60 or 120. If the target is not reached it is because you have performances issues

But varying framerate the game maintains same speed, guys.

framerate is the rate that screen refresh in 1 second.

Unity Update() method of monobehaviours, animations, other things in unity are FRAME INDIPENDENT, varying FPS the game speed doesn’t change.

If you want change game speed, you may alter Time.Timescale

With timescale = 0.5 the game go slower (half speed), if you set timescale = 2 the game should go faster (double speed)

If I remember correctly…