File Cannot Be Read

I’m getting this error after upgrading to Unity 2019.3.
Could not create asset from [Asset Path and Name]: File could not be read

The file looks like this in the editor (it has no thumbnail): 152253-ice-screenshot-20200203-220154.png

I tried to open the same png from a previous version of my game and replace that one but it’s still not working. I even opened the previous version’s file in Photoshop and saved a new image with a different name and it’s still not working. I have a lot of graphics in my game that are suddenly not working or really messed up after upgrading, please help!

It’s just a typical PNG sprite. The only settings I’ve changed is to change it from Default to Sprite in the editor. I’m not using any asset bundles or asset database or whatever, it’s just a sprite!

Please help me with this I’ve tried to revert my game to a previous version but this issue happens every time I update to 2019.3.

Try converting the file to a more compatible format, e.g. a Bitmap (.BMP) using Photoshop or GIMP. If it still doesn’t work, try deleting the corresponding .meta file for the image (I recommend backing it up first!).