File Headers are the Largest, taking up 77% of my build. Why ? And how to reduce It ?

I’m using a Build Reporter for Unity 3d, I had a few scenes in my build but in one of my PC’s the size of the APK was 50MB and in my other Computer when I made another game like that with almost the same environment and settings It was made over 150MB, In the Build Report 77% percent of the size was due to large File Headers Could Anyone please tell me what the reason is and How to Remove the file Headers.

I have the same problem… my models take up about 16mb and my scripts and everything else take up far less… but my file headers are 356.mb… So far nothing I have read about has any affect.

I have the same issue, I have no idea how to fix it. My file headers take 82% OF THE FILE SIZE OF MY GAME…