File.ReadAllText vs Resources.Load Character Encoding

I posted a similar question earlier but deleted it because I was wrong about the problem.

I’m trying to swap this code:

string contents = System.IO.File.ReadAllText("filename", Encoding.Unicode);

With this code (so I can put it on a web player):

TextAsset temp = (TextAsset)Resources.Load("filename", typeof(TextAsset));
string contents = Encoding.Unicode.GetString(temp.bytes);

I’ve also just tried getting the plain string directly using temp.string, but neither one produces the same encoding of the results as my old code did. The text file itself has a lot of weird characters, like NUL, ACK, and Chinese symbols, and I don’t quite understand how the code processes them (I didn’t write it), but I can tell it’s being interpreted wrong because the new code gives me an invalid input error when I try to pass the result to the next method, while the old code works just fine.

Anyone know what is different about those two statements?

The WebPlayer does not support File.ReadAllText