Filtering by app version not working


This is a very straight forward and 100% reproductible bug.
Use case: I want to see the retention of my app for each version.

Using legacy analytics:
- I create a segment
- I go to Data Explorer
- D1 retentions displayed ok (around 28%)

Using the new analytics system (method 1)
- I open Dashboard->Retention tab
- I filter by version
- D1 retention displayed faulty (around 2.5%)

Using the new analytics system (method 2)
- I open Dashboard->Retention tab
- I filter by audience
- I create a new audience with the version condition
- D1 retention displayed faulty (around 2.5%)

Using Firebase the D1 retention is again displayed correctly for each version (around 28%)

Another related issue regarding version filtering is session duration reporting.
If I don't use any filter the session duration is reported ok.
Once I apply the version filter the session length displays faulty data.

I have tested this behavior in December and again this month using two app versions.
We have enough DAU (around 3K) to make the statistics significant.

Is there any bug report regarding this or any plan to fix this?
Maybe the implementation of Analytics on my side is missing something? (I don't really see how though)

Thanks a lot!

Hi Captain_Flaush,

Thank you for reaching out to the support team! This is a really detailed, really well-written bug post. I really appreciate that! I've forwarded all of this over to our engineering team to get it fixed. I do not think it has anything to do with your integration but more with how the chart is filtering the Version data to display the chart.


Can you verify if your UGS Analytics shows a lot of events with the sdkMethod: UA1_SDKLESS? You can use this query, which will also highlight which Client Version is associated with which SDK Method.

CLIENT_VERSION is not null 
group by 


There are indeed a lot of events with the sdkMethod: UA1_SDKLESS
Below the result for the last 3 versions:
UA1_SDKLESS 0.7.32 308744
UA1_SDKLESS 0.7.33 150672
UA1_SDKLESS 0.7.34 22219

I have also attached the results for the entire query.

What does this mean?

8772163--1190266--Querry Result.txt (319 Bytes)

Hi again Captain_Flaush,

Okay, great. That is the cause of the issue that we're investigating. It's caused by the migration of Legacy Analytics not correctly identifying versions in the transition in the events used to populate those charts (mainly gameStarted & gameRunning).

The bug has been written and we really appreciate your help.


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Do you have an approximate ETA for this fix?
I would really love to move to the new analytics and stop doing segments that take a day to create and populate with the old one :smile:
Thank you!

Hi Captain_Flaush,

No ETA at the moment, but hoping to see it fixed over the next 2-3 weeks. I should make it clear that this issue is only caused by Legacy Analytics that are being filtered into UGS Analytics. It is not something that will occur for UGS Analytic events.