Filtering Hierarchy for important objects amongst masses of prefab clones

Hi there, I’m using Unity for a game that has a significant amount of weapon fire prefabs that are spawned at run time (much like many other games I assume).

So the hierarchy view is an awesome tool at run time to see whats going on in your scene, I find having it flooded with prefab clones very unhelpful.

Is there a best practice solution for this? I’m hoping some kind of filter I can apply in the tool. If not do people attach them to a parent entity to keep them out of the root hierarchy or is it standard practice just to put up with it?

Thanks for any insight you can provide on this.

Check this thread for new Hierachy ordering functionality via script.

To this point, in the alphanumeric system, a lot of people use one-character prefixes z or _ to force them to appear at a certain place in the hierarchy.


You might be able to make a custom order via script that suits you better.

Using Parenting to recreate a windows-style Folder hierarchy is ill-advised.