Find all Objects/Scripts that access a given audio!!

Hi experts,
I work on unity while using a few assets from asset store. While working on an asset, I found that an audio was played during gameplay and it changed based on my position on the map. Being new, I want to find the code or object that uses the reference and specifies conditions to play the sound. I checked with all the objects for Audio source component and didn’t find a result. I have however found the exact location of the clip.

How can I find all objects or scripts that refer to an audio clip stored at a specific location? Using “FindReferencesInScene” did not yield any result.

— I am new to Unity and am learning
stuff on the go. Please reply to me as
if I am a kid :confused::smiley:

You can “think outside the box” and make a copy of the clip, change its name. Then delete the original, and wait to see a null reference error from some code line that is trying to access it.

Then make the copy audio work again following tje code.