Find and Destroy Untouched Objects to Floor

I have a question about find and destroy 3D objects which is not collided with floor (Plane). But objects can’t need collide directly with the floor. They can collide with neighbour objects.


A 0bject colliding with B object and B object colliding with floor (return true) A object colliding with C object but C not colliding with floor (return false)

Is there anyone who can help ?

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Example explanation

I think this will work:

// need to reference this in each class
    private void OnCollisionStay(Collision collision)
        if (collision.gameObject == objA) { isHitA = true; } else { isHitA = false; }
        if (collision.gameObject == objB) { isHitB = true; } else { isHitB = false; }
        if (collision.gameObject == floor) { isHitFloor = true} else { isHitFloor = false; }
    private void Update()
        if (isHitA && isHitB && !isHitFloor) { } // do logic

I’m thinking something along these lines, you’re obviously gonna have to play around with it to get it how you want. But collision will check itself(the class it’s in). So in class ObjA you don’t need to reference the object A, just the bool of if A is hitting the others. I just wrote that as an example.