Find children of object and store in an array

How do I find the children of an object, and store them in an array?

I have a wall, with 4 points. I wan’t to be able to access these points, but in order to do that I need to have them in an array.

I use C#

For a one line method to get the array

Transform[] children = GetComponentsInChildren<Transform>();

Transform is also enumerable. So you can avoid the array altogether with:

foreach (Transform child in transform){
    // Do something to child

Based on your questions I’ve seen here, you’d really benefit from spending an afternoon in the Learn Unity area of the website, where lots of tutorials address a ton of beginner’s questions while teaching good practices.

You probably want this:

Transform[] children = new Transform[transform.childCount];
for (int i=0; i<transform.childCount; i++) {


List children = new List();

void Start()
  foreach (Transform t in transform)