Find closest object with tag

How do I find the closest object with a certain tag?

Say, if I have 4 cubes, all with the same tag. How do I find the closest of the 4 cubes?

Have a look at:

GameObject FindClosestEnemy() {


Senior programmers, please don’t think too badly of me for this messy method. MrMelonPie, this ought to sort a collection of GameObjects by their distance from a specified origin:

Get your collection with FindObjectsWithTag, then call SortDistances, using the collection as the first argument, and the source point as the second. The first (or last, I don’t actually recall presently) element of the collection will be the nearest.

public static void SortDistances( ref GameObject[] objects, Vector3 origin ) {
	float[] distances = new float[ objects.Length ];
	for (int i = 0; i < objects.Length; i++) {
		distances _= (objects*.transform.position - origin).sqrMagnitude;*_

* }*
* System.Array.Sort( distances, objects );*
* }*