Find closest player and walk to that one? (PUN)

Hello Unity Community!

I am having troubles with my PUN and enemy AI.
So, I have a simple enemy AI which will walk towards you if you are close enough. And will attack if you are even closer.
My enemy AI script is here:

And the ONLY way an object is tagged as “MainCamera” is the main camera on the player that YOU are playing as. All other online players are not active main cameras.
So once a player walks to close to the enemy ai, the enemy will walk towards that player but will not be seen updated their walking on other clients. My photonview on the enemy object is observing the transform and observe option is Reliable Delta Compressed.

Anyone help me please?:L

So you’re saying that when the horse moves it’s only recognized on that one player it’s following? Try this :

    	void OnSerializeNetworkView(BitStream stream, NetworkMessageInfo info)
            Vector3 Position;
            Quaternion Rotation;
    			Position = transform.position;
    			Rotation = transform.rotation;
    			stream.Serialize(ref Position);
    			stream.Serialize(ref Rotation);
    			transform.position = CurRot;
    			transform.rotation = CurPos;
    			stream.Serialize(ref CurPos);
    			stream.Serialize(ref CurRot);

I’m not sure if this will work but the script should be attached to the horse.