Find colliders after collision?

I know it might sound a bit redundant but I need this for my current game.

Does anyone have any idea how can I return an array of colliders that well, collide?

Basically I have an object that collides with walls, at a certain point I want to know the number of walls it collides with.

FindObjectsOfType(Collider) doesn’t seem to work as it returns all the objects in the scene that have a collider. I would need something like this that could work simply for when a tag is hit.

EDIT: To be more clear, I’m trying to find the colliders that I’m currently colliding with.

EDIT2: To be even more specific, I only need to count the colliders that I’m colliding with as I need an action to happen when a certain number of colliders of one tag and a number of colliders with another tag is reached.

Keep a list of colliders. When OnCollisionEnter/OnTriggerEnter occurs, add that collider to the list. When OnCollisionExit/OnTriggerExit occurs, remove that collider from the list. You now have a list of all colliders that you are currently colliding with.

In unity script you would use something like this(Some what pseudo code, i don’t know uniscript syntax)

var enemyColliders = new Array();

function OnCollisionEnter(collider : enemies)

Now you can push, pop, and shift colliders as necessary.