Find corner of rotated plane

Hi. If I have a in z rotated plane with the pivot on the upper left corner, how could i find the vector3 of the upper right corner, no matter how big the plane is scaled or how much it’s rotated? Thank you very much!

Translating an empty game object is workable, but more expensive than it needs to be. A step up would be to place your empty game object in the upper right corner and make it a child of the plane. Then all you need to do is get the position of the empty game object.

An additional step up (and what I would suggest) would be to calculate a local vector between the upper left corner and the upper right corner and use Transform.TransformPoint() to get the position. From your description, I’m assuming this is a vertical plane. So you want the natural size of that plane (i.e. the size before any scaling inside Unity). For example if you created the plane with a size of (1,1), then the vector would be (1,0,0). If you create it a (2,2), then the vector would be (2,0,0). So if the natural size is (2,2), you could do:

var pos = transform.TransformPoint(Vector3(2,0,0));

Transform.TransformPoint() will take into account any rotation and scaling done inside Unity.