Find intersecting points between vectors


I try to find the blue vector in my image. Hopefully the the picture says enough, otherwise I’ll be happy to elaborate. Any help would be appreaciated! The unit vectors and constants are known and will all be within reasonable bounds. XY-space.


I’ll just give you the code and hope not to have missed anything lol

Vector2 V1;
Vector2 V2;
float const1;
float const2;

Vector2 U1 = V1 / V1.length() * const1;
Vector2 U2 = V2 / V2.length() * const2;

float t = ((U1.y + U2.y) * V2.y/V2.x + U2.x + U1.x)/(V1.y - V1.x * V2.y / V2.x);
Vector2 point = t * V1 + //If it doesn't works, set this to -
                new Vector2(V1.y, -V1.x) * const1 / V1.length(); 

I do really hope I’ve not missed anything…