Find Names Of Missing Scripts (Or Automatially Assign Them)

Hey, I’m trying to recover an old project of mine, so I used UtinyRipper to get the assets and scenes, and dotPeek to get the scripts. However, when I open a scene or prefab in unity all of the scripts are missing. This is to be expected as UtinyRipper doesn’t decompile the scripts. I don’t remember which scripts go on what prefabs and such, so I am having trouble finding the right ones. Does unity store any data about the missing script, perhaps the name?

Tldr: I have a bunch of missing scripts on prefabs, I have all the scripts but don’t know what goes to what.


Maybe when you put the prefabs in scene…unity will give error saying that no scripts of this name exists…just a suggestion im not sure…

Have you got warnings enabled? Try enabling them as it should tell you