Find position of a character of typogenic text

I need to find a way to pinpoint the position in the scene of a specified character (the last one of the string for example) in a typogenic text. For now I’ve tried to calculate it, but the result is awful, I’m using typogenic font, any way it can help me?

Edit: I’ve made some mistakes, before, this is what I need:
I’m using typogenic text for writing on the scene a 3d text, what I need is a way to find the position in the scene (world space) of the last character of my text. Doing math was what I’ve tried but something more fast and clean would be pinpoint the position of that specific character.

Anything can help, thanks

Have you tried digging into TypogenicText? You may want to have a look at the internal method

int GetGlyphIndexAtWorldPoint(Vector3 point),

which basically does the reverse of what you are trying to do.