Find Quadratic Equation From 3 points for Jump

I haven’t found anything strait forward and useful anywhere so far, and thorough i should ask here so others can see an answer for this too (Hopefully soon)

I am trying to do jumping from joint to point with tight arch control. What I want to do is pick a landing point, and a height, and have the object jump through the arch defined by the current position (A), the target position (B), and (C) the point between A and B with some height.

-How do you find the quadratic for 3 points in 3d space?

This looks promising but haven’t tried it and later in the comments says there is an error in the finder for b and c

check out the ‘accurate lob’ example, it does exactly what you’re talking about (though it does not use a rigid body, don’t know if that’s a requirement for you or not).