Find scene gameobjects that have a given monobehaviour

Can this be done?
There’s the ‘find references in scene’ in the right-click menu of an asset, but that finds more than just component, its finds ‘references’, which I’m not sure what it is, because 99% of the returned results have nothing to do with what I’m looking for.

I want to see just the list of gameobjects that contain a given monobehaviour. When I do ‘find references in scene’ im seeing thousands of things, maybe one of them has the component, but most do not. Thanks!

From my help website:

Searching the scene

You can search the content of loaded scenes via the Hierarchy window’s search.

You can use various prefixes to narrow the search:

Prefix Filter description Example
t: Component type t:Light
ref: Objects that contain a reference to By instance ID: ref:49092:
By file: ref:"Assets/Example Texture.png"

You can also narrow the search using the dropdown: