Find shader's properties

I decided to try and change the color of an object which led me to the manual page Material.SetColor.
Ok, with that I did manage to change colors but my issue (and this isn’t the first time), how are we supposed to find out what the names are in the inspector vs the code to reference those names?

Where is the list in the manual that shows say a picture of a shader and lists the code I need to edit those fields? Sure with google I might find a script to copy but I would rather know howto find these answers, if that’s even possible.
alt text

For example with the above how am I expected to find out to change albedo color…

for specular - rend.material.SetColor("_SpecColor")
for standrd - rend.material.SetColor("_Color")

without relying on google or code snippets? Are there any tools to figuring this stuff out I am missing? Visual studio is nice with it’s popup menu showing possible choices but where do I look if there is no list learn from like _SpecColor and _Color?

Or with other assets like textmesh pro, how do I find what can changed? In the inspector I see text size. So without googling and copying some elses code, How do I learn to do that on my own?

Once you have selected the material, click on the little gear at the top-right corner of the inspector. Then click on “Select Shader”

The inspector now displays the list of properties you can modify in your C# code.