Find textMesh size in unity in Vector2

How to find the size of font in unity. I mean find size of “Text Mesh” in unity.

I need a function that returns the size of textMesh in Vector2.

this could help you:

if you are using a dynamic font you can find size with fontSize, but if you are only using a simple one, you can set its size with characterSize.

I edit this code , try this one

			using UnityEngine;
			using System.Collections;

			public class NewBehaviourScript : MonoBehaviour
				public  TextMesh textmesh;

				void Start () 

					Bounds bound = BoundOfTextMesh("New Text");	
                    //bound.size.x give total length and bound.size.y gives height of TextMesh (Vector 2)
					print ("Size  X = "+bound.size.x +"Size Y = "+bound.size.y);// Size of  X and Y or Vector2

                    //print ("Left point x = "+bound.min.x +"Right point x = "+bound.max.x); 
					//print ("Bottom point Y = "+bound.min.y +"Top point Y = "+bound.max.y);


				Bounds BoundOfTextMesh(string textMeshName)
					textmesh = GameObject.Find (textMeshName).GetComponent<TextMesh>();
					return textmesh.renderer.bounds ;


Note :

    *Bounds  is the axis-aligned bounding box fully enclosing the object in world space. Please check out 
  1. Unity - Scripting API: Bounds
  2. Unity - Scripting API: Renderer.bounds
  3. Unity - Scripting API: Bounds.size