Find the area of the part of a game object exposed to the air in the direction of its flight

Imagine I am trying to calculate the amount of drag and I need to find the area of exposure of a particular object to the airstream in its direction of flight. I very much hope you understand my question

Thanks in advance, fellow gamedevs!

This is doable with a rendertexture.

If you create an orthographic camera and tell it to always face the object, to position itself in the object’s direction of travel, and to set up layers to only have the relevant objects be rendered by the camera, the output of that camera will be a front-on view of the object in its direction of travel.

Get the camera to output to a rendertexture, then analyse that texture each frame you perform your drag calculation.

In the texture, each pixel will be a set surface area, depending on your rendertexture size and your camera ortho size. Once you know your surface-area-per-pixel value, you just need to count how many pixels are of the object to get your total exposed surface area.