FindChild not working? (Pick up Object)

I cannot get this child of an object to become the transform weaponHandle in this code, it just makes it empty.

What this code is supposed to do is pick up a weapon and drop the one already in the hand.
It works but there is a problem with the weaponHandle, which is not being found and then becomes null.

It is using a raycast to hit the gun and then do the rest.


if(Physics.Raycast(aimray, out aimhit)){

			if(aimhit.transform.tag == "weapon"){
					    aimhit.transform.parent = handR;
					    aimhit.transform.position = handR.position;
					    weaponExtraHandle = aimhit.transform.FindChild("extrahandle");   					
					    weapon01.GetComponent<Rifle>().enabled = false;
						weapon01.transform.parent = null;				
	                    weapon01 = aimhit.transform.gameObject;			

Please help.

My game WIP:

I had to directly reference the location of the child in the

 weaponExtraHandle = aimhit.transform.Find("connectBarrelBone/barrel/handle");

I don’t see FindChild in the docs.

It’s transform.Find(“ChildObjectName”) or transform.GetChild(intIndex)