FindGameObjectsWithTag works only to first tagged

Hi! I'm makin a house editor for my website.

I am trying to change the texture of all walls of the house by pressing a button.

Look what I've done:

if (GUI.Button (new Rect (260,520,70,70), texparede[1])) {
        for (var wall:GameObject in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("wall")) {

It isn't working!

It works only for the first wall i created to my house. How can i do to change the texture of alllll GameObjects Found With Tag =="wall" ?? ???

P.S.:The "parede" is an object which can be found inside the tagged as wall, it's where the texture is applied. Thanks!

Thanks for help!

Regards. Henry

"Find" finds the first object named "parede". Which is always the same one.

You can make it search particular hierarchies by name, but a better way would be to nab the object some other way - either by attaching a tag script to it a la

class Parede { }

and then using .GetComponent(Parede), or by storing a reference to the parede in its Wall-tagged object.