Finding a gameobject with a certain variable value

Hi, I’m fairly new to Unity (and programming for that matter) and wanted to ask you this. I am making a strategy game where the map consists of hexagonal tiles. But for simplicity sake let’s pretend the map is made out of squares. Each tile (square) is assigned a x- and y-coordinate variable so that the tile in the bottom left always has the coordinates (0,0) and the one right of it (0,1) regardless of the scale and position in Unity.

Now I want to be able to access certain tiles and their information based on their assigned coordinates (for example biome generation where I need to know information about neighbouring tiles) so what is the best way to do it? I could probably give all tiles a tag and then find all objects with this tag and for each tile check if their x- and y-cordinate variable is equal to the one I am looking for but that seems VERY inefficient. Ideally I am looking for a function where if we say I want to access the tile (5,7) “find object with x-coordinate == 5 and y-coordinate == 7)”

What would be the best way to proceed?

This is my first time posting so sorry for any errors or if this has been answered already.

There are different ways to achieve what you want, I would make a multidimensional array and place my objects there

GameObject [,] tiles = new GameObject[sizeX, sizeY];

access them like