Finding assets from script


Is there a possibility to find all assets with given part of name? I mean they are not loaded. Just stored somewhere in the assets. The way to get all of the assets names to search inside them manually is also solution.

For looking up assets by name, they need to be in the Resources folder. However, it's worth nothing that this is generally not the generally recommended way of referencing assets for the purpose of instantiating objects etc.

There are legitimate uses for the Resources folder, and looking up assets by name, however you should be sure that you understand the benefits of the other methods of accessing other objects before deciding that the Resources folder method is the most appropriate for your case.

there are two ways for finding assets with their name and path. the first one is resource folders and the second one is asset bundles. asset bundles are packs of assets and you can load them with www class. simply put the inside your project folder and use www ("file://path/assetbundleName");