finding audio BPM?

Hello. I used AudioSource.GetSpectrumData and AudioSource.GetOutputData to get a list of values pertaining to the audio currently playing, how would I get the songs BPM from either of those value lists? Thanks

There's no guaranteed way you can get that. Use your ears and a proper audio editing tool. Then, store the data you need, how you need it, in Unity. Most DAWs and waveform editors have a feature like you're talking about, but it's only a tool to help you lay down a rough estimate, for you to finish off the work manually. If you happen to have a four-on-the-floor dance track, where some frequency range of the kick is mixed to constantly be the loudest element in the mix, you may have some luck, but in general, what you're talking about is a pipe dream.

Go run one of the songs off this album through a beat detector in Logic/Pro Tools etc. and tell me what you come up with. ;-)