Finding children of an instantiated object

I'm spawning a vehicle, and wish to link the left and right tyres that get spawned as part of the prefab's array.

playerCarBody = Instantiate (carPrefabs[0], playerCarSpawn.position, playerCarSpawn.rotation);
playerCarAudio =;

// Here's the tricky bit
frontPlayerTyres[0] = gameObject.Find("Wheel_Left").transform;
frontPlayerTyres[1] = gameObject.Find("Wheel_Right").transform;

Specifically, I want to be able to search only in the child of that instantiated car, so in essence I want to do a *Find(playerCarBody.Find("Wheel_Left")* sort of thing.. I'm not quite sure of the syntax on how to do that one :)

I think you're looking for Transform.Find

function Find (name : string) : Transform

Finds a child by name and returns it.


Note that you can do the same with GameObject.Find, if you pass in a specific search path.

// This will return the game object named Hand, which is a child of Arm -> Monster.

// Monster may not have a parent in the hierarchy view!

hand = GameObject.Find("/Monster/Arm/Hand");

So for your example, you'd want:

frontPlayerTyres[0] = gameObject.Find("/playerCar/Wheel_Left").transform;
// where 'playerCar' is the name of the object instantiated from the playerCarBody prefab.