Finding diastance between two random coordinates.....

hi guys i am new in programming … i have created a program to find distance between two random coordinates…This is my code …

int x1;
	int x2;
	int y1;
	int y2;
	void Start() {
		int x1 = Random.Range(1,45);
		int x2 = Random.Range (1,45);
		int y1 = Random.Range (1,45);
		int y2 = Random.Range (1,45);
		print ("X1 = " + x1);
		print ("X2 = " + x2);
		print ("Y2 = " + y2);
		print ("Y1 = " + y1);

		float NewDis = GetDistanceBetweenNumbers ();
		print (NewDis);
	float GetDistanceBetweenNumbers() {
		float dx =  x2 -  x1;
		float dy = y2 -  y1;
		float Dis = dx * dx + dy * dy;
		float NewDis = Mathf.Sqrt (Dis);
		return NewDis;


but every time unity is showing 0 distance …
can any one correct my mistake…
and better way to present the code…

You declared your variables x1,y1,x2,y2 inside your class, but you declared them again inside your Start method as local variables. You shouldn’t declare them again as local variables but just assign the values to the variables defined in the class.

x1 = Random.Range(1,45);
x2 = Random.Range (1,45);
y1 = Random.Range (1,45);
y2 = Random.Range (1,45);

As Bunny83 has already said you don’t need to declare the type again in Start but more than that you can really simplify what you are attempting to do and use Unitys built in methods for Coordinates.

Vector2 coords_1;
Vector2 coords_2;

void Start()
    coords_1 = new Vector2(Random.Range(1f, 45f), Random.Range(1f, 45f));
    coords_2 = new Vector2(Random.Range(1f, 45f), Random.Range(1f, 45f));

    float dist = Vector2.Distance(coords_1, coords_2);

And if you need them as Integers you can cast them as such.

int x1 = (int)coords_1.x;
int y1 = (int)coords_1.y;
int x2 = (int)coords_2.x;
int y2 = (int)coords_2.y;