Finding out what is eating the batteries

Hi everyone!

It seems that our Android app is still using the batteries even when put “in the background” by pressing the “Home” button, thus draining the batteries way faster.

This is strange because we dont’ use any services,and in TaskManager, the app is not using more than 0.80% of the CPU.
My collegue suggests that it could be the use of the use of 3G network (for exemple for loading highscore from online) that is eating the batteries.
When I go to Settings/Batteries , the app is showing as taking 10% of the battery.
EDIT : this number is NOT the current usage of the batteries, but the average usage since the last reload of the battery. My bad.

Do you know any way I could check the data being transfered from and to the phone ?
And do you have another idea on why my app could be eating the batteries ?

Thx you all!
(and sorry if I made any english mistake ^^)

Mono and dalvik should be paused together with the activity. If you create a new project and suspend that, does this new project consume about the same amount of power? If it doesn’t, then I would suggest that you try and isolate the issue to your plugins through disabling them entirely and run it through one more time. If you are saving power, then you should look into pausing any code that is running in your plugins.