Finding path(Directory) of Script from class

I know you can find the path of the script file if you have an instance:

However it seems odd to me that you need to have an instance of the object to get the path of the script. I need this in a static method so I don’t have any reference to an object and it seems odd to just create a new instance for just finding the path.

Is there a way to do it with something like typeof(ClassName)?

Hi! This is an old thread, but for anyone who gets on this page, here is a solution.

Since you need an instance of a ScriptableObject, you can create an empty one through code without saving any asset, gets its source script path, and then destroy it.

To test that, create a script TestScriptableObject.cs anywhere in your project, and copy the following code:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class TestScriptableObject : ScriptableObject
    [MenuItem("Tests/Log TestScriptableObject script path")]
    public static void LogTestScriptableObjectPath()
        // Create the asset instance
        TestScriptableObject tmpInstance = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<TestScriptableObject>();
        // Get the script asset used by the object
        MonoScript sourceScriptAsset = MonoScript.FromScriptableObject(tmpInstance);
        // Log the script path, using AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath() as you said
        Debug.Log("Path to TestScriptableObject script: " + AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(sourceScriptAsset));
        // Use DestroyImmediate() to destroy the created asset in edit mode

If you click on the new menu Tests > Log TestScriptableObject script path, you will see the path to the source script path in the console window.

I hope I helped :slight_smile: