Finding the right joystick for aiming/shooting

I’m making a top down shooter for android and I’m hoping to have game-pad and android TV support with all the equivalents. I’ve run into the problem where the right stick of every controller I run into seems to be mapped to a different joystick axis (in editor) is there some sort of calibration process I could run to make sure that the axis are mapped correctly on any game pad with dual sticks. (The left stick is working fine, there seems to be a standard across all controllers for the horizontal axis and the vertical axis)

The similar question has an answer that will help you understand why this is such an issue with Unity, and has been since the beginning…

The tutorial for the custom system does not go in depth, but it does provide a little insight into how to achieve something like this.

The paid option works nicely, so I have heard. It is 35 USD, but it may be worth it. It is designed for programmers, so don’t approach it lightly if you have little experience. It’s nice because it automates a lot of things, like mapping common controllers.

My personal opinion, would be for you to make your own custom input system, and to not try and rely too heavily on Unity’s built in system. This way you’ll gain a better understanding of how Unity works, how to interact with the user (their input), and how to become a better programmer, and designer.

You’ll need to focus a lot on UI, which is more important than most think.

Best of luck! :slight_smile: