Finding the version of unity player used

Is there a way to find out the version of unity player given an android binary,


It’s kind of burdensome, but you can:

  • Rename your apk file extension to rar (an APK is just a RAR file)
  • Extract the file’s contents
  • Open any numbered asset file inside: assets/bin/Data with your hex editor
  • Starting at the 21st byte ($14) there is a string telling the Unity version used to build

Slightly clarifying @GerryM’s answer,

Use Hex Editor such as (Online Hex editor, no need to download one).

  1. Extract your APK in a convenient folder using 7z, WinRar, etc.
  2. As mentioned by @GerryM , navigate to assets/bin/Data in your extracted folder.
  3. Now find a file with only numbers.
  4. Open that numbered file in any Hex Editor. does the job very much simply.
  5. You will get the Unity version starting from 21st Byte.

If you don’t know how to find 'n’th byte in Hex Editor, note that each line in the Hex Editor has 16 bytes (Hex as Hexadecimal).
Hence, you will probably get the Unity Version in the second line ie. 5th byte in second line. Click on the 21st byte and it will highlight its value.

As in my case, the APK was built using Unity Version 2019.1.7f1.

Thanks a lot for the response
There are two different version number that i see, one in unity default resource and another different version (same across all other files) in rest of the files.

Which one should i consider