Finish setup php, how to communicate with mySQL and unity

I have already set up the php (using WAMPServer) and now my problem is how am i going to make my php communicate with unity? Would appreciate if there is people who can help out.

PHP doesn’t communicate with unity, but unity can change the url of the page and PHP can then pick up variables stored in the url using the $_GET function.

The link you posted is well documented -
Basically HSController.js is the script that sets and gets the highscores; display.php is the script that gets the data from the database; and addscore.php adds data (scores, playername, etc) to the database.

Everything that you need is explained and provided in the tutorial, but let me know if there is a specific problem you are encountering :wink:

The examples you’re linking to use Unity’s WWW class to communicate with a high score server.

Unity can use WWW to send an HTTP GET request with a special URL containing some data.

The server can read parameters from the GET request, update internal state as needed, and reply with relevant information. In this case, it looks like you’re using a webserver set up with PHP and MySQL.

Back in Unity, you can parse the returned information and display it for your end user.

Is there a specific part of this process that you’re having trouble with?