Finished with Android game. What steps do I take to publish to Google Play?

I have researched it, and can’t find the exact steps that I need to take to put my game on the market (aside from the legal aspects). Here’s what I do know:

  1. I have to sign the package somehow, something about a jar file. Does unity3d do this?
  2. I have to make the different size icons for the store.
  3. I have to fix manifest file.

Now, not exactly in that order, but that’s just about what I know.
I really need a dummies’ guide here, because I don’t want to mess something up or leave anything out.

Here is a guide that I did find, but isn’t specific to Unity3d:

Publishing your app to the Android Market, a noobs guide…

but it doesn’t mention Unity3d. I thought I read that Unity3d DOES sign the .apk for you, so then why does this guide say to do it a different way?

Could someone please clarify for me if the steps in this guide are what I should do, please? And if not, any help would be terrific.

I find e-book about that, well I haven’t try it. but maybe it can help you. this book tell you about step by step how to set jar file into unity, and create .apk, etc.

“Unity 5 For Android Essentials”

Go to Edit>Project Settings>Player & go to android settings. There you can set different types of icons, sign the project, set your bundle identifier, keystore, etc… I don’t know about any jar file you are talking about but you can generate a Google Android Project & make changes in the Manifest file. Read about publishing in google play from this page Google Play Console