Finite State Machines in User Verified Test

So I just finished up a portion of the Learn Section and it stated that I am ready to take the lowest certification Unity Programmer Course. So I was curious and went and looked at what would be asked in this test per Unity's words. And creating a finite state machine was on there.

But I'm curious because i don't actually recall ever being exposed to one in the actual Learn content. I may be wrong or missed it or simply forgot. And I understand that I can simply go study what they are and practice creating them. My issue is that I'm not sure its in the content for Learn.

Without giving anything away.... I took the test, and no, you won't be able to pass just on the lowest Learn content. The Certiport product is the only that Unity "approves" and even that one was incomplete. I would say go a level or two above and then try it.... there were some real surprises on it.