Fire bullet into the direction my player is facing 2D

I am making a 2d megaman like game and I am struggling with making my bullet fire in the direction my player is facing.
I am using vector2.right so obviously the bullet will move towards the right, always. But is there a way so that I can make it move to the left when my player is facing the left (same goes for when it’s facing right I want both to work)

It depends on how you are modeling the movement. Since you said 2D, are you simply changing which sprite is showing based on the current direction the player is turned toward? If so, you should be able to just use that direction to use vector2.forward, -vector2.forward, vector2.right, and -vector2.right. If you’re actually rotating the player’s transform, you can use the player’s transform.forward vector which will always point in the forward direction of the player in world coordinates.