Fire sparks particle

Hey guys, i want to make something like this (image below) but i don’t know how to make the sparks. Do i need many sparks textures so they come out in random shapes? I can’t find the texture.


Get a cigarette lighter or one of those birthday cake sparklers and take a photo (without flash) pref at night time so you get the sparks on black background. Then just Edit out the stick and make them appear for 1 or 2 frames as a particle using additive blending.


Actually, I just spent a while trying to get the effect because I myself was interested in it. So just grab the package from here and tweak it to what you want.

This tutorial ROCKS for realistic sparkler particles.

It even comes with a pre-made prefab for easy insertion. His key to perfection is a “gifanim” style pulsating “core spark”, which is a fast-switching billboard gameobject, and then a paired particle system which mimics the “flying sparks”. Add “collisions with world” and they bounce off the walls and surfaces too.
absolutely beautiful:

James Heazlewood : Unity Sparks System

This one is much more detailed, with accompanying glowing smoke:

A good spark emitter is the flare prefab on the particle systems package.