Fireball like effect

I'd like to create an effect where I can launch a fireball-like object from one location to another within my game world. My inital thought is to create a fireball GameObject with some particle effects attached and then use something like Vector3.Lerp() to animate that object between the two points.

My question is: Are there better ways to do this?

Perhaps using physics and colliders? Or the animation system? Or importing a custom animation?

If anyone with experience of doing similar can share what they did I'd be grateful.


For the fire, particles are the best way to go.

If you are always throwing it the same distance, I've read somewhere that the animation system might be an unmeasuable amount faster. But I wouldn't trade that for the ability to be able to change it's movement via script. I would go with the physics system for this, add a force in the direction you are throwing it. This way you are sure to get a correct fall curve (if you game likes realism). Otherwise just Lerp/Slerp it.