Firebaseproject from android to ios!

I just finished my App on Unity with Firebase on Android. But I also want to release it on IOS, so what should I do?

Getting started, be aware iOS games have to be built on a Mac (see “Note” postscript)

Follow Add Firebase to your Unity Project, performing the steps you have not already done. These will mostly consist of the iOS specific steps including:

  1. The For iOS section of Register your app with Firebase
  2. Download and. add GoogleService-Info.plist to your project as directed in Add Firebase configuration files
  3. Change your build target for iOS and either target a simulator (switching to the simulator SDK) or a physical device. (For more info check out this Build Debug Guide).

Note: The Firebase SDKs for Unity currently only support building iOS projects from a Mac where the Unity Editor will export to Xcode. Xcode is then used to build the project for either physical device or simulator.