Firing weapon while moving

I have a weapon that fires while stationary in iPhone. When I move my character I can no longer fire the weapon. When I am stationary again I can now fire the weapon again. Only when I move can I not fire the weapon. I am using the Penelope controlls provided with iPhone. I have no issue with moving the player around, just firing while moving. Please help me.


I will send in the code when I get home tonight as I am at work. And thank you for the response.

for (var evt : iPhoneTouch in iPhoneInput.touches){

    if (evt.phase == iPhoneTouchPhase.Ended){   

        if (justLoaded) {

    } else {





The above code will fire the cannon whenever you tap on the screen, move either rotate or forward/backward buttons. Now though when you place your fingers on either buttons the cannon will go off as well. So I have solved 1/2 my issue. Now how do I fix it so that the cannon will not fire when I first touch the buttons, it now works while I move them, but firing when first touching them is not good. Thank you for your patience wit me.