First 2D Unity game on Android

Hi, I am a complete newbie to Unity. Could you validate what I have in mind please to achieve the above before I go off purchasing stuff I don’t need.

I am building a simple 2D game for the Android platform. I intend to purchase the Unity Android platform (400$) and the ex2D 2D game engine (伟德BETVLCTOR-官网主頁).

The game will deployed to and have simple user input from an Android tablet device (input via touch screen) and various stuff will be triggered. Is this an appropriate development environment/approach please?

Any comments warmly welcomed. Thx

It is a rapid way of developing a 2d game on android yes! I am familiar with developing on android and can honestly say it would take you much less time developing a game with Unity then the native libraries directly. All you have to worry about are things like game-play and logic whereas if you were to write it natively you would have to consider so much more including drawing to the screen, handling errors etc. I don’t have any experience with ex2d but I can tell you that I have been building my own 2d game in Unity without something like ex2d and am doing just fine. Ex2d looks like it has atlasing tools etc. That will make life a little easier. Personally though before porting my game to android and iOS I am developing the idea and game-play before purchasing the licences. It just doesn’t seem worth spending the money on something that I’m not 100% sure of yet.